Varsity and JV Jamborees – Thursday

Varsity will depart at 1pm.  Please have your athlete at the back of the school by the milk cartons at 12:45pm.  Varsity plays at Sherwood High School.  Play begins at 3pm.

Varsity Schedule

JV will depart at 2:30pm.  Please have your athlete at the back of the school by the milk cartons at 2:15pm.  JV plays at West Linn High School.  Play begins at 5pm.

JV Schedule


Coach Anne

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Parent Meeting Outline

  1. Parent –Player Contract
    1. Brief Overview
      1. Academics
      2. Citizenship/Sportsmanship
      3. Substance Abuse
      4. Attendance
      5. Varsity Lettering
      6.  Communication
        1. See Separate Contract
      7. Commitment
  1. Transportation
    1. Meet at Opposing School
      1. Parents required to arrange transportation for Away games
    2. Type 20 buses to/from Tournaments
    3. School Bus to McMinnville, West Albany, & Forest Grove
    4. Coaches need written approval from Athletic Director to go home with someone other than parents from tournaments
  2. Parent Help
    1. Sign up if willing to be Team Mom
      1. Organize Team Meals
        1. Varsity – Before games
        2. JV/Freshman – After game Snack
      2. Concession Stand
        1. Required to help sell items at Snack bar during opposite games
          1. Varsity Parents – During Freshman/JV games
          2. JV/Freshman Parents – During Varsity games
        2. Schedule will be made through possible Playoff games
      3. Cancer Awareness Night – Thursday, October 1st
        1. Mallori Juster – organizing the event
          1. Helpers to email if interested
          2. Donations for Raffle
        2. Spirit Packs
          1. All teams – $20
            1. 3 T-Shirts (One of each design)
              1. To be worn at Practices
            2. Varsity Team Shirts – $20
            3. Issues? Please email or call Coach Anne
          2. Items provided by program
            1. Varsity – Sweatshirt Jacket and Backpack
            2. JV – Jacket and backpack
            3. Freshman – Duffel Bag
          3. Order Forms for T-Shirts
            1. Money and Orders Due 8/25
            2. Order Form is available now
          4. Fundraisers
            1. Friends and Family Letters – Frosh/JV
              1. Each girl to address 10 letters and stamp them
              2. Packed, Addressed, and Stamped Envelopes Due 8/28
            2. Posters – Varsity
              1. Picture to be taken
              2. Each Varsity girl is required to get 2 businesses who want to pay $100 to get their logo on the poster. Due Aug 31
              3. Each business will receive a signed poster
              4. We will be scheduling a “Community night” with autograph session afterwards for the kids in town to come and get autographs – September 29th
  3. Middle School Tourney
    1. October 17 – All teams are required to help work the tournament
      1. Refs
      2. Concessions
      3. Admissions
      4. Book, Lines, etc.
  4. Sisters
    1. Gifts are not expected!!!!
  5. Frosh and JV girls are required to stay for all Varsity matches
  6. Frosh and JV parents will be line judging for Frosh and JV games
    1. Anyone interested in helping with:
      1. Book
      2. Libero Tracking
      3. Scoreboard
      4. Varsity Announcer
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Practice Schedules

Practice Schedules can be accessed on our calendar under the Calendar tab above.  There may be some edits in the future to exact practice times but we will inform you as soon as those are made.


Coach Anne

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Parent Meeting

Parent Meeting will be held this Friday evening, August 21st from 8pm-9pm in the Main gym at Sprague.  Please make sure there is at least 1 parent/guardian present as well as your athlete.  Go to the Paperwork tab above on the website to access the forms needed to be filled out and signed before the parent meeting.

See you there!

Coach Anne

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Freshman only tryout


Sophomore thru Senior tryout


You must register as an athlete thru the Athletic office beginning tomorrow.  You may not tryout until you are cleared.  Freshman and Juniors must have updated physicals.  You must attend all sessions of tryouts for your age group.  There may be freshman that are asked to attend the older tryout instead of the freshman tryout.  Initial cut may be made after each session.  Final cuts will be made Wednesday and girls will be notified of whether they made the program or not.

Please bring a passport sized photo of yourself to tryouts.  This helps us in the putting names to faces.  Please be at tryouts 30 minutes prior to start on the first day for check in and set up.

Please email me with any other questions.

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Camps this week!

Croisan Creek Camp

Monday thru Thursday 


Little kids camp

Wednesday and Thursday


4th/5th grade camp

Wednesday and Thursday 


Middle School camp

Wednesday thru Friday

Any returning players need to come help out at the younger camps (little kids thru middle school camps).

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Car wash Saturday!

Car Wash is at Les Schwab at Kuebler and Commercial, right behind the McDonalds.

We will need everyone to bring towels (bring some that you don’t mind getting ruined).  We also need 2 hoses per shift and about 10 more sponges.

Below are those who have signed up so far.  If your name is not below and you’d like to work, just let us know!

Am 9-12

Kailee Sorenson 

Caley Hiebert

Bailey Jolley 

Dani Stewart

Madi Kansky

Alaena Sullivan

Megan Sims

Mollie Herron

Dana Nunez

Emily Rabe

Abby Lowe

Lauren Eriksen

Maddy Kaighin

Kiersten Karp

Maddie Little

Kenzie Sessums

Ryleigh Murphy

Eden Wilkes

Usach Nelson
Pm 12-3

Ellie DeLoretto

Paige Vaughn

Kailee Sorenson 

Caley Hiebert 

Bailey Jolley 

Dani Stewart

Morgan Doll

Emily West

Usach Nelson

Kenzie Sessums 

Sophia Puentes

Angelin Eter

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